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A list of events by the month which are close our gite (holiday apartment), which gives you the distance and travelling time.



6th & 7th Primtemps at Chateauneuf du Pape

23 kms, 25 mins, 10 euros.


A promotional video for the 2012 event.

Taken from describing the 2017 event.

For the 9th year, The Printemps de Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine fair will take place on 7 & 8 April 2018, providing a unique opportunity to taste the wines of 85 estates within the prestigious appellation.

Proud of the success of the 8 previous Printemps de Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine fairs, the young local winegrowers - who initiated and still organise the event are happy to meet the challenge again in 2018.

Over the years, it has become a not-to-be-missed event for all wine lovers, giving the public a unique opportunity to meet the wine producers of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, to taste their wines directly on their stands or during themed Master Classes, and to add a few interesting bottles to their wine cellar, whether to keep or to drink straight away!

As each year, a gourmet market will sell products stamped by Slow Food or grown/bred/manufactured, etc. in a Site Remarquable du Goût (Remarkable Site of Taste). This means that visitors will be able to buy a bottle at the fair, a warm dish, a few oysters or cheeses at one of the markets stalls and enjoy a relaxed picnic right in the centre of the village. In parallel to the fair, throughout the weekend, themed wine tastings and master classes will be held on the wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (by reservation only, places are limited)


27th & 28th Fete de St Marc Villeneuve les Avignon

12 kms, 15mins.

St Marc

A series of short videos taken at the 2018 event.


4th & 5th Rhone Eclat

26 kms, 23 mins, 5 euros.

The second year of Rhone Eclat, two days of wine tasting and meeting the producers from: Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas, Rasteau and others.

St Marc

This a short video describing the event produced by a href="">Travel in Provence.


Les Escapade de Signargue is organise by the producers of Cote du Rhone Signargue Village which four villages are allowed to produce: Domazan, Estezargues, Rochefort du Gard and Saze. On every Friday during July one of the villages hosts the event, which consists of something to eat at four locations in the village with musical entertainment which is supplied by locals.

We participate with the organosation of at least two of these events: Rochefort and another. the price for 2018 was 28 euros which is very reasonable and includes wine. The tickets are on sale from the end of May and usually sell out, it is supported by maianly local French. We can organise the purchase of tickets.

The songs tend to be in French and English, in 2018 we attend the Estezargue event and there was an Italian guitarist singing in Italain.

This is a video of the event at Estezargue in 2016 organised by the townhall.

One of the performers.

This was order in 2018 sometimes it changes.

5th Les Escapades de Signargues Saze

4 kms, 8 mins.

12th Estezargues

6.5 kms, 11 mins.

 19th Rochefort du Gard

0 kms, 0 mins.

26th Domazan

7 kms, 12 mins.


I first visited Gigondas in the early 80s because of another passion of mine rock-climbing and have been back many times to climb on the Dentelles de Montmirail. For people who do not climb there is an interesting scramble to the Turks Cave a look out post with amazing views of the Rhone Valley, no ropes required.

Dentelles de Montmirail

By Mimova

15th Gigondas sur Table

42 kms 44 mins. 50 euros, children (3-12) 15 euros.

An evening of fine dinning: delicious dishes artfully paired with Gigondas wines 
AOC Gigondas invites you to the 8th edition of Gigondas sur Table on Monday July 15, 2019.
AOC Gigondas shines the spotlight on its wines and fine cuisine in the village square, on a summer's evening. Five guest chefs from Provence will be cooking up some mouthwatering dishes and expertly pairing them with Gigondas wines, demonstrating their savoir-faire through their culinary creations while some 40 wine growers and negociants will be pouring their finest Gigondas wines.

An idyllic setting beneath the plane trees in a Provençal village square at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail
Local produce of outstanding quality, with a distinct sense of place
Talented chefs and craftsmen who love wine
Wine growers and negociants keen to share their love of good food and wine
Participants from France and overseas, tourists and locals, brought together by a quest for new discoveries

The chefs and craftsmen will be anounced in the first quarter of 2019.

Practical information:

Time: 8pm – 11pm Cost: 50 euros (adults), 15 euros (children under 12)

Booking is essential: or call 04 90 37 79 60 (booking is opened from June 3rd 2019)The 2018 event video.

The first time that I visited the Avignon festival again was the early 80s, at the time I was a teacher and at the end of the summer term I would leave the next day for the Alps to do some alpine routes then when I had enough of that I would move further south for some sun. At that time the festival would still be on during August.

4th-23rd The Festival of Avignon

23 kms, 25 mins.


This video is initially disturbing to watch: someone walking quickly through crowded streets but later if gives a true picture of what you might experience walking arounf Avignon during the Festival period.


22nd, 3rd & 4th The Veraison Festival in Chateauneuf du Pape

23 kms, 25 mins. 

From describing the 2018 event.

On the programme this year, several highlights: - The Festin des Papes, a grand medieval dinner on Friday evening - The big show on Saturday evening on the Place de la Fontaine, "The Voyage Nocturne" with fire, dance, music... - The medieval market with its shops, workshops, demonstrations, processions, medieval music and street theatre. - Sunday, the procession with Pope Clement VI and his Pontifical court and, in the evening, the Medieval Spectacular in the Stadium. And of course, wine tasting of the precious nectar of Chateauneuf-du-Pape in all the wine cellars and in the centre of the village.

24th & 25th Ban des Vendages Avignon

12 kms, 16 mins.

Ban des Vendages Avignon 2016

Ban des Vendages Avignon 2014


21st Primeur Avignon

12 kms, 16 mins.

MMillevin, fête des Cotes du Rhone et du Millesime 2013

23rd & 24th Primeur Cooperative Rochefort du Gard/span>

0 kms, 0 mins.

Primeur Cooperative